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MAY 2023 - JUL 2023

Blue Rhythm is a specialized therapy platform catering to the unique mental health needs of creatives, offering comprehensive support

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Therapy for the creative in you

London, UK 🇬🇧
Company Size
2-9 employees
Brand Identity
UX Design
UI Design
Webflow Development
Wix to Webflow

Blue Rhythm was founded by a collective of creatives spanning the fields of music, film, and television. Their shared aspiration was to develop a therapy platform specifically tailored to serve the unique needs of individuals from all creative backgrounds. Having personally experienced the transformative power of mental health support, they recognized a crucial pain point in the creative community – the difficulty of finding the right therapist.

With thousands of therapists available, creatives often faced unexpected obstacles when seeking the support they needed to feel better.

Our mission

Devolfs undertook the complete rebranding, UX/UI design, and Webflow development for Blue Rhythm, including the seamless transfer of their website from Wix to Webflow. We began by crafting a compelling brand identity that resonated with the vision of the therapy platform, emphasizing the harmonious connection between creativity and mental well-being. This included designing a new logo, selecting typography, defining a color palette, and establishing brand guidelines to ensure consistency.

For the digital presence, our team leveraged Webflow to create an engaging and responsive landing page. The landing page was thoughtfully designed to welcome creatives seeking mental health support and showcased the essence of Blue Rhythm's mission. We implemented interactive elements, intuitive navigation, and user-friendly features to provide a seamless experience for visitors. Throughout the project, Devolfs maintained a strong focus on delivering a landing page that embodied Blue Rhythm's message and connected with its target audience.

BlueRhythm logoBlueRhythm icon logo grid designBlueRhythm logo grid designBlueRhythm logo meaning description

Blue Rhythm's
New look

The Blue Rhythm Project logo visually embodies their transformative therapy approach. With a glance, it tells a story in line with their mission: a journey to better mental well-being and restored creative balance.

The divided circle represents pre- and post-therapy states. On the left, a blue half signifies sadness and isolation, with a sad emoji. Contrastingly, the right half exudes positivity. A happy emoji on light blue symbolizes the joy after Blue Rhythm intervention, illustrating the mental health transformation.

The emoji's lines form a rhythmic curve, echoing life's positive pulse. Beyond music, it includes all creativity and well-being.

In sum, the logo merges emotions and healing visually, capturing Blue Rhythm's essence – blending emotions and creativity through therapy.

BlueRhythm color paletteBlueRhythm custom illustrations half head man with waves and flowersBlueRhythm typography Magnat Neue

Social Media

In support of the Blue Rhythm project, our agency played a key role in improving its digital footprint. Our contributions had different dimensions. First, we designed engaging social media posts adapted to the Instagram and LinkedIn platforms. These posts succinctly capture the essence of Blue Rhythm's transformative journey, combining emotive images and thought-provoking headlines that resonate on a personal level.In addition, we have created visually compelling banners for Instagram and LinkedIn. These banners serve as vibrant extensions of Blue Rhythm's visual identity, communicating its core values and aspirations effectively in digital spaces.

To maintain a cohesive brand identity, we have carefully developed a comprehensive brand book. This basic guide includes detailed instructions on color palettes, typography, logo usage, and other visual elements.

BlueRhythm business card designs in handBlueRhythm mockup brand presentationBlueRhythm Linkedin profile designBlueRhythm social media designsBlueRhythm  brand guidelines previewBlueRhythm t-shirt designBlueRhythm icon logo bag badge

Webflow Website

We initiated the project by transferring Blue Rhythm's website from Wix to Webflow. Once the migration was complete, we embarked on the journey of reimagining their digital presence. We started with high-fidelity wireframes to create the main structure of the content. After that, started with serious design, creating a real user interface.

We went through different design rounds, testing four different versions of the website. Each time we tweaked things to make them better.

After researching all these options, we have chosen the best design that fits the Blue Rhythm perfectly. This became the basis for building a real website in Webflow.

In Webflow, first, we set up the main structure of the website. Then we added special animations to make the website smooth and interactive.

BlueRhythm website wireframes designBlue Rhythm website designBlueRhythm custom illustrations design preview
BlueRhythm website modal designBlueRhythm website design on mobileFigma preview of BlueRhythm website design project

Results of
the project

Our collaboration with Blue Rhythm has yielded remarkable transformations across several crucial dimensions. One of the standout achievements is the complete overhaul of their online presence, which was greatly enhanced by migrating their website from Wix to Webflow. This transition alone brought substantial benefits, positioning Blue Rhythm for greater success in the digital realm.

We created clear rules for how Blue Rhythm should look visually. These guidelines ensure that everything from colors to logos is consistent. This consistency helps people recognize and trust Blue Rhythm more easily.

The most significant change was the new Webflow landing page. This site has completely changed the way Blue Rhythm appears on the internet. It is now much easier for people to understand what Blue Rhythm does and why it is important. This new site also reflects the true spirit of Blue Rhythm's work.

In short, our cooperation with Blue Rhythm has produced real results. We improved their look, made their brand consistent and completely transformed their online presence. All of this has a clear impact on how people see and relate to the Blue Rhythm.

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