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DEC 2022 - APR 2023

A forward-thinking technology company committed to simplifying project management for construction companies.

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Real-time translation app

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A forward-thinking technology company committed to simplifying project management for construction companies.

Recognizing the diverse linguistic landscape within the construction industry, they sought to address the communication challenges faced by international teams by providing a robust platform capable of real-time translation to users' mother languages. By doing so, they aimed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency across all project stages.

Our mission

The objective of the project was to create a comprehensive solution that would revolutionize the construction industry by enabling seamless communication and project management across language barriers. Devolfs undertook the task of developing brand identity, conducting UX research, designing the user experience, and crafting the user interface for the platform across multiple devices.

We embarked on a journey to capture values and mission, ensuring that their brand would resonate with their target audience. By conducting in-depth workshops and collaborating closely with the team, we developed a comprehensive brand identity that reflected their commitment to innovation, reliability, and global collaboration. The final result conveyed a sense of trust, professionalism, and user-friendliness, aligning perfectly with their vision.

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Modular logo

To ensure maximum flexibility and versatility, we designed a modular logo system. The main logo served as the foundation, representing the brand as a whole. However, we took it a step further and created a 3x3 grid system that allowed for the creation of different product logos.

This modular approach represent various offerings, features, or sub-brands under the umbrella of their main logo. It provided them with a unified visual identity while allowing for customization and differentiation as needed.

Construction Management app logo design grid

Responsive App

Designing the web app was an exciting challenge for our team at Devolfs. We focused on creating an intuitive user experience that catered to the specific needs of construction project management.

The information architecture was carefully structured to guide users seamlessly through the platform. Utilizing responsive design principles, we ensured that the web app functioned flawlessly across different screen sizes and resolutions. Whether accessed on a desktop or a laptop, users could enjoy a consistent and optimized experience.

Our team paid meticulous attention to detail, refining interactions, typography, and visual elements to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Construction Management app responsive iconsConstruction management app designConstruction management app side bar UI design 3 versionsConstruction management app laptop Construction management app mobile designConstruction management app designConstruction management app design

Tablet & Mobile

Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we extended our design efforts to tablet and mobile devices. For both portrait and landscape orientations, we crafted user interfaces that retained the core functionality and aesthetics of the web app while adapting to the unique characteristics of these devices.

On tablets, we prioritized a seamless user experience, capitalizing on the larger screen real estate to present information and navigation elements in a user-friendly manner. Similarly, for mobile devices, we designed interfaces that ensured smooth interactions and effortless task completion while accounting for the smaller screen size.

Construction management app tablet portrait designConstruction management app tablet landscape designConstruction management app tabletConstruction management app tablet portrait designConstruction management app designConstruction management app mobile designConstruction management app mobile design

Results of
the project

The collaboration resulted in the creation of a comprehensive construction project management platform. Through our brand identity development, modular logo system, web app design, and mobile and tablet interfaces, we empowered them to revolutionize the industry by providing multilingual capabilities and seamless collaboration for international teams.

Devolfs' expertise in crafting intuitive user experiences and visually appealing interfaces ensured that the platform delivered on its promise of streamlining project management processes. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in helping them realize their vision and bring their innovative solution to the construction industry.

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