APRIL 2022

Espira is an importer and distributor of high quality medical cannabis products. Espira is the optimal solution for the global cannabis market.

High quality medical cannabis

Frankfurt, DE 🇩🇪
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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10+ employees
Brand Identity
UX Design
UI Design

Espira is an importer and distributor of high quality medical cannabis products.

Espira is the optimal solution for the global cannabis market. It has exclusive collaborations with reliable organic producers and is perfectly positioned to meet the challenges of the dynamics and explosive growth of the cannabis industry.

At Espira, they work closely with a carefully selected group of producers who adhere to their strict internal standards as well as EU GMP certifications to ensure the highest possible quality.

Our mission

Our design process began with extensive research and analysis of the cannabis market, as well as Espira's target audience and competitors. Based on this information, we developed a brand positioning and messaging strategy that clearly communicated Espira's commitment to quality and sustainability.

We identified a bold green and gold color palette and developed a visual language specifically designed to help Espira stand out in the crowded cannabis market, aid in visual recall, and increase brand awareness. We also created a sleek and modern visual identity, including a logo, typography, and imagery that aligned with Espira's brand identity.

To ensure that the website was easy to use and visually appealing across all devices, we provided user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design services. This included creating wireframes and prototypes, designing high-fidelity mockups, and con ducting user testing to gather feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

Espira Website

Our team began by creating wireframes and prototypes for the Espira website, which allowed us to map out the structure and functionality of the site in a low-fidelity format. This allowed us to test and iterate on different design concepts and layouts, ensuring that the final website would meet the needs of both Espira and their target audience.

Once the wireframes were finalized, we moved on to the visual design phase, where we created final designs of each page of the website.

This included designing the overall layout and structure of the site, as well as selecting colors, fonts, and imagery that aligned with Espira's brand identity.

Professional Features

In addition to providing information about Espira's products and partnerships, the website also featured a recipe configurator specifically designed for doctors. This tool allowed doctors with access to create personalized treatment plans for their patients, using a range of carefully selected medical cannabis products.

In addition to the recipe configurator, we also designed a doctor-only shop on the website. This shop provided a convenient and secure platform for doctors to order products from Espira, again using a secure login system to verify their credentials.

Overall, these features added value for Espira's target audience of medical professionals and supported the company's mission of providing high quality and responsibly sourced medical cannabis products.

Results of
the project

The result was a visually striking and highly functional website that effectively communicated Espira's brand positioning and value proposition to its target audience.

To support the roll-out of the new brand identity, we also developed easy-to-use guidelines for the Espira team. These guidelines empower them to confidently use the brand in all of their communication, without the need for daily agency support.

Overall, the new visual identity for Espira reflects the company's values and mission, and positions them for success in the dynamic and growing cannabis industry. We are proud to have played a role in their success.

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